Tiki Bar

The commision to re-imagine this legendary venue was a daunting task. The birthplace of the original Rum Runner cocktail, we knew that the Holiday Isle TIKI BAR was a cultural icon to locals, as well as the countless tourists who visited it over more than 50 years. Our approach was to redesign and rebuild the structure in its original footprint with a redesign of the open graduated shed roof. The main structural cross beam became the focal point to display artifacts collected from the original space with postcards, money, maps, business cards from the original Tiki Bar re-applied here. On the ceiling of the adjoining game room/stage area hangs the original Tiki Bar sign now a focal point as a massive chandelier reminding us that while some things change many just stay the same. It’s enough change to appeal to the tourists whose expectations continue to increase every year, and familiar enough for the locals to grab the same seat at the same bar they’ve been visiting for decades.


Carlyle Group


Islamorada, FL