Union @ Press Hotel

A historic landmark used to print The Portland Press Herald, the original purpose of the building now THE PRESS HOTEL and home to UNION was the source of our design inspiration. To say there is history lingering in that structure would be like saying Lincoln was just another president. Food as theater, and kitchen as stage became the design concept of the center core kitchen representing the union of food and community. The kitchen and bar are exposed with the “line” part of the bar experience. The intent was to create a dining experience with both a residential spirit and a dramatic flare. The modern aesthetic is expressed in a soothing palette of earth tones, over sized light fixtures and exposed steel beams. A large geometrically designed floor, an elaborate wooden grid ceiling, tufted high-back banquettes, and wooden tables around the bar surround the open kitchen. The excitement of seeing a glimpse behind the scenes in an authentic and local styled restaurant is paramount to the chef’s partnerships with local farmers and fishermen.