Meet bigtime design.

Award winning Big Time Design Studios: a seamless combination of design, environmental art, fashion, music, branding and creativity; Bigtime Design is most known for high concept, high style public space environments.

Designers are drawn to stylish visuals that command attention and leave a lasting impression. Our primary goal is always thoughtful solutions that effectively communicate the essential spirit of space. We strive for design that not only breaths style, but is also functional and consistent with the brand experience. The thread that binds all good design whether a custom piece of mill work, a watch or an exclusive hospitality environment is a unique expression of each client’s message delivered in a practical, scalable format.

It is the big things that create the impression and the little things that create the memories.

With a primary design specialization in hospitality public spaces and residential, our clients span a range of sectors including hotels, restaurants, commercial, nightclubs and more.

The studio’s recent projects include conceptual design for a luxury penthouse at the Portofino South Beach, a dynamic, sexy story, a down home backyard barbeque restaurant, Bobbi Sue BBQ, a dirty disco night club design re-imagining and build-out of theCameo Theater (for which BTDs received a night club interior design award nomination and won the “Best Nightclub Design Renovation Award”.) and a full scale re-branding of UK nightclub and dance music institution Gatecrasher. Big Time has also completed numerous nightclub, bar and restaurant projects including, Ristorante Angelina, Exit, Frank’s, Glow, Hi Tops, Kaboom, Neo, Oo-La-La!, Tequila Roadhouse, Vinyl, America’s Backyard and Watusi.

We encourage design to react with you, not to you.

The common thread in all Big Time work is the sociology of good design. “People might ask what kind of social or political dislocations our designs represent. If you look around any significant design you will find that successful space is interpreted as a socio-political monologue, where each user reacts with whatever emotions they already possess”. Big Time Design is a collaborative studio — a team of creative artists, consultants, designers, and nightlife/hospitality experts and tastemakers. The studio utilizes a unique design ethos where oversized objects create the experience, while the human-size details evoke a personal connection and create a lasting memory. “We encourage design to react with you, not to you.”

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Bubble Charlotte

It has been a pleasure working with Bigtime, an intelligent and meticulous design studio. They are deadline oriented, innovative, open minded and have great skill to analyze and combine my ideas and their ideas into a masterpiece. They are the most talented and creative designers I have worked with in my entire career.

Brad Beltrand

Operating Partner, Bar Management Group, Bubble Charlotte


Three-Time Stanley Cup Winner

Bigtime Design is a visionary and out of the box design studio. Their ability to narrate a story and create a design that makes it come to life I have found to be invaluable in creating my new home. Attention to detail and ability to communicate out of the box design is something I have never experience before in any of my projects either in the US or abroad.

Sergei Fedorov

Hockey, Retired


Chef's Compliments

"I want to express how grateful I am to be working in this beautiful restaurant. For the past year and a half I have basically lived here and each day am so impressed with the design and layout of the space. Thank you for giving me this incredible restaurant and just know that with each dish we are trying to enhance the design."

Josh Berry

Executive Chef of The Press and Union Restaurants


Intensely Creative

Bigtime Design is one of those spontaneous and intensely creative studios that has the ability to take a simple concept or idea and develop it into a masterpiece. There are not too many people out there like them.

Dirk D Goldwasser

Co-Owner of the Betsy Hotel, South Beach


Luxury Hotel Designers

When you want a space reminiscent of a luxury hotel suite a la Mondrian in South Beach, who better to call than the leading name in the hospitality design industry? Award-winning Big Time Design Studios.


Home Decor Magazine



Uninspired by the UK’s club design, Simon Raine looked abroad and instantly became excited by the work of renowned US design studio, Bigtime Design.

Simon Raine quoted in Mondo Magazine

Director of Gatecrasher UK